Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two years...

And here we are, on the second anniversary of our great love Carlton's death... Time is such an odd phenomenon. Already, so much has happened that he missed, that I was never able to share with him. I am at times frustrated, even irritated... But life doesn't stop, and much has changed. He wasn't there to share in, to react, for me to participate in his parallel evolution. But thankfully, he remains with me every day... a memory, perhaps, but more often, something said or done or seen or considered that reminds me of exactly how we so often agreed on so many absurd things, for so very long. I miss him.

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Roberta said...

Woke up tonight with Carl's voice in my head... missing him so much... especially at the holiday time and the anniversary of that day we all got that phone call. He will forever be in my heart and his laugh, one liners and surprise phone calls will always be such fond memories. Anyway... just wanted to reach out to others that may be thinking of him and say that he is missed and loved from many parts of the globe.

Two questions... does anyone know Elizabeth's address? I would love to send her a card. Also, how's Buster Kitty???

Roberta Keyser Fortune
(Taught with Carl in Richmond, VA, laughed with him and think of him so so much)